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  • US Customs & Border Protection
  • US Federal Air Marshals
  • US Department of Defense
  • US Secret Service
  • US Pentagon Police Department
  • US Army Fort Campbell
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • US National Security Agency
  • Montreal Police Department
  • Ottawa Police Service
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  • New York Police Department
  • Edmonton Police Service
  • New York State Police Academy
  • Seattle Police Department
  • Hong Kong Police Academy
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  • and many, many more!

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Ultimate Soldier Challenge - Knife Fight
featuring Shocknife SK-2
presented by Machinima

Breakfast Television

Breakfast Television


Toronto Police College featuring
Shocknife SK-2 on March 18th
episode of

Breakfast Television


Watch the Shocknife SK-2
used on the October 25th episode
of the hit
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The world's first non projectile, force on force, firearms tactical training system that creates stress during training.


Shocknife Inc.

is the Winner of Prestigious
Manning Canadian Innovation Award
Manning Innovation Awards

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Shocknife Launches
Spontaneous Edged Weapon Defense
Instructor Certification

After several years of extensive research, Shocknife Inc. has developed the Shocknife Spontaneous Edged Weapon Defense Instructor Course. This course is unlike any other edged weapon course being offered today to LE. Shocknife filmed scenario after scenario of spontaneous attacks to identify how a human with minimal training will actually respond in these situations. The result is a system that accepts the natural human response and builds in a cognitive response once the brain has “caught up”.

The system focuses specifically on sudden, unanticipated edged weapon attacks when the officer is not consciously prepared to respond.

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GSA for US Federal Government Customers!!
Shocknife Inc. is now officially on the US General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule effective March 15, 2007. Our GSA number is GS-07F-0263T.


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“The Shocknife is a revolutionary training aid that has escalated the operational level of Special Forces operator Combatives to a new standard. The Shocknife was integrated into the full spectrum (hand, knife, stick, and gun) of force-on-force training and has enhanced the overall force protection and survivability of the Special Forces operator by introducing induced stress in a unscripted and dynamic training environment replicating combat conditions. This has ultimately prepared the operator to perform and prevail in high stress close quarters combatives. The Shocknife has not faltered and is highly recommended to be incorporated into all professional combative programs.”

- MSG. Lettieri, Troy A.
- Special Forces Operator
- US Military

“We integrated the Shocknife’s into our Combatives training program and were very satisfied with the results. The Shocknife is a revolutionary product and it definitely adds a level of realism that cannot be replicated with traditional weapons training devlces. The only thing that I can relate it to is a weapon that fires Simunitions. The heightened level of awareness that you feel when confronted with the Shocknife is unbelievable. The most impressing thing about our training was that the soldiers were able to react to the fear invoked by the Shocknife and disarm their opponents.”

- William R. Daniel II
- Major, US Army
- Fort Irwin, United States

“The Shocknife brings realism to training that I have never experienced before.”

- SFC Luna
- Senior Combatives Instructor, US Army
- Fort Irwin, United States

"I have over 30 years of combined training and experience in martial arts, corrections, law enforcement and military fields (USMC) and take great pride in my job. Saving lives is nothing to take lightly. Conducting realistic training to provide field proven techniques and strategies is one of my most important goals. Using the "Shocknife" allows me to show not only what works in real life and what will not work without injuring the student. This helps build proficiency, enhance officer safety, improve confidence, and ultimately results in saving their life! I would recommend ANY OFFICER or TRAINER who wants to validate their techniques in edged weapons to use the SHOCKNIFE!

- Dave Young
- Director of Specialized Programs
- Northcentral Technical College - RedMan Training Division

"The Shocknife is an excellent product that truly challenges students to perform at their highest level. It provides the ideal balance of realism and safety and is an excellent addition to any reality-based self-defense program."

- Michael Janich
- Founder and Chief Instructor, Martial Blade Concepts

"When you get in a fight, the adrenaline is so high that it can cause you to freeze up. The only way to prepare for this is to make your training as real as possible. In the edged-weapon category, there is no better way to simulate a real knife fight than by using the SHOCKNIFE."

- Professor Rener Gracie
- Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy

"After having had the opportunity to work with it, I wish it would have been available before my book went to press! The Shocknife actually exceeds my expectations." read more

- Kenneth Murray
- Co-Founder of SIMUNITION® and author of the book "Training at the Speed of Life - The Definitive Textbook for Police and Military Reality Based Training"

"If you want to take your reality based training to the next level, I would highly recommend the Shocknife. This exciting new technology is the closet thing to the 'real thing.' With proper guidelines in place, the Shocknife will definitely increase the effectiveness of student learning, enhance the learning environment, and maximize students survival skills. The Shocknife is the 'next generation' in fundamental teaching aides for maximizing students confidence in their survival skills."

- Dr. Darrell L. Ross
- Dr. Darrell L. Ross is the author of the renowned book “Civil Liability in Criminal Justice” and is a professor in the Department of Criminal Justice at East Carolina University. Dr. Ross is also an experienced and respected Defensive Tactics Instructor.

"The Shocknife is as "reality-based" as it gets. The only way I can keep my students from touching a blade in training is by using the Shocknife. It ads an element hard to achieve in training - FEAR." The Shocknife is now standard equipment for my global system."

- Sergeant Jim Wagner
- Founder of Reality-Based Personal Protection, Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame Member & columnist



Virtually unbreakable polycarbonate blade and handle.

Breakaway soft rubber safety hilt.

“No-slip/Super-grip” handle coating.

Heavy gauge metal Activator & Shock Adjustment Screw.

Electronics epoxy sealed for protection.

Gold used in place of lead on blade electrodes and electronic connections.

Custom Cut-out Carrying Cases with ability to be padlocked.

1 Year Warranty On Parts And Labor

The Shocknife SK-2 is not available for sale to private citizens in the following states: DC, HI, MA, MI, NJ, RI, & WI.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Toll Free: 1-866-353-5055 Ph: (204) 336-0011 Fax: (204) 586-2049