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The Shocknife SK-2 is revolutionizing the edged weapon training industry. The blade of the Shocknife delivers a powerful shock that causes pain but no injury or incapacitation. When trainees are attacked with the Shocknife SK-2, there is pain stimulus like a real attack. This causes the same mental and physical state the trainee would be in during a real attack.

The most dangerous threat to those who walk the darkened halls of our jails and correctional institutions comes from improvised weapons designed to cut or pierce. Unlike regular law enforcement, correctional officers police the inside of our jails unarmed. As such, they need to learn survival skills that do not rely on escalating to a firearm.

Until now, correctional officers did not have any training tools that could induce realistic stress in training. Any type of edged weapon training consisted of using rubber, wooden or plastic knives. These training tools didn’t adequately prepare correctional officers to defend themselves during a real attack when they are operating under acute stress.

With the introduction of the Shocknife SK-2, correctional officers will finally be able to replicate real edged weapon attacks in training. The Shocknife is to corrections, what the introduction of less lethal training ammunition was to law enforcement.

Until now, there was no way to deliver realistic edged weapon scenarios because the use of rubber, wood or plastic knives did not create the acute stress needed to replicate a real knife attack.

The Shocknife SK-2 also comes equipped with a Shock Adjustment Screw. This allows the shock to be adjusted for the level of training being conducted:


Shock delivered feels like a small paper cut

No stress reaction but allows the trainee know when their technique was incorrect when the blade touches the skin

Instant feedback without constant coaching from a third party

Helps to correct improper technique


Enough shock to create arousal in training

Keeps trainees focused and helps them acquire skills quicker


Shock is now powerful enough to penetrate the trainees uniform

Role player decides whether they want to cause the knife to show sparks by depressing the shock activator button (if  not just depress the activator button only when the Shocknife is making contact with the trainees body. There will be no sparks because the electricity moves through the skin.)

Sparks can be used to create more stress

Want to make the dynamic training even more stressful?

Delivers a full 7,500 volts! 

Ensures most realistic edged weapon training ever.

How Real Is Your Training?

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