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Cato News – Summer 2013

Injury Simulation Leads to Optimal Performance
By Dr. Rushdi Cader, MD

It has been described like being punched, slashed with a razor, stung by a bee, or having an arm cut and packed with salt. High on adrenaline, the experience of being shot can vary from excruciating pain to being barely noticeable. And though the descriptions may vary, the experience of being shot is universally anxiety provoking. Overcoming this fear, by safely simulating the discomfort of a bullet wound during training can prepare an officer to prevail even in the face of serious injuryÉ


DR. RUSHDI CADER is the medical director for the San Luis Obispo Regional SWAT Team. He is also a tactical reserve officer with the Hawthorne Police Department and is president and CEO of SWAT Trauma Assistance Training, Inc.

24/7 Cop to Cop News
gives Shocknife
for 2008 SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas!

Out of 1,950 exhibiting companies in 715,000 sqft of exhibit space, SHOCKNIFE was given the BEST OF SHOW AWARD by Sgt. Steve Gibson, Publisher/Editor of 24/7 Cop to Cop News at the 2008 Shot Show in Las Vegas, NV.

SHOT Show, is the world's largest showcase (over 60,000 attendees) of firearms, law enforcement, hunting and outdoor products. It provides a forum for the industry to showcase its newest products

Shocknife™ featured on CERT Tech Talk PODCast Show:

"Shocknife Breakthrough Training DT Technology Recalibrating and Redefining Corrections Officer Survival and Edge weapon Training"
- Team Leader Joseph Garcia

Joseph Garcia is a Senior Team Leader with US C-SOG, the nation's largest full service CERT government contractor. Team Leader Garcia is the most published author in the area of CERT Operations in the world. Senior Team Leader Joseph Garcia speaks about his experience with the Shocknife and the impact it has had on the Correctional CERT Market.

Listen to the podcast online or download it here.

Black Belt Magazine – February 2008 Issue, Pages 57 - 58

Sgt. Jim Wagner claims that the Shocknife enhances reality-based training by teaching respect for the blade.

When I see how the average martial arts instructor does a knife disarm, I feel sorry for him because most of the techniques simply don t work. . . . Those daring moves end as soon as the Shocknife enters the picture. . . All the fancy stuff disappeared. Fear has a way of doing that.

- Sgt. Jim Wagner
Sgt. Wagner is a police and military defensive tactics instructor and a civilian reality-based personal protection trainer.

Shocknife™ featured in Tactical Gear Magazine - Winter 2007, page 30

Shocknife Adds Fear to Training Scenarios

One of the biggest drawbacks to traditional edged-weapon defensive training is that no one is really afraid of a rubber knife with chalk on it. Fear can be a great motivator and some harmless pain can reinforce instruction quickly. . . . Most trainers who have seen and used the Shocknife agree that it performs as promised, inducing fear and providing vivid reminders to lessons that are otherwise a bit sedate. Any type of reality based training will be made more real with the Shocknife.
Kevin Michalowski, Tactical Gear Editor

“The electric shock component really does make people afraid of this knife. You can see it in their faces. They really start to focus on the blade and will therefore focus on the training, too.”
Deputy Jay Schroda
- Deputy Schroda is a full time Deputy and Defensive Tactics Instructor with Wood County (WI) Sheriff’s Department and long time student of knife defense.

Corrections Forum – May/June 2007 Issue – Pages 24 – 28
Mock Prison Riot 2007

“The Shocknife is very new, a great product,” says Morrison (Interim Director of OLETC) “They’ve gone before the OLETC advisory board and gotten great reviews. When you’re training with a rubber knife, there’s no mental change, but when you’re faced with one that can shock or hurt you, your mindset changes and you act differently in order to avoid being hurt.”

Shocknife Inc. Certified as a Top 10% Performer!
September, 2006 – Shocknife Inc. has been certified as a Top 10% Performer based on the D & B Past Performance Evaluation survey responses of its reference customers. Shocknife Inc.’s PPE score of 96/100 demonstrates outstanding overall customer satisfaction relative to similar companies.

Shocknife Inc.
is the proud Winner of the
2006 Smart Partner Award for Innovation.

The Smart Partners organization consists of a partnership between the City of Winnipeg, Province of Manitoba, & Western Economic Diversification Canada.

American Cop – Nov/Dec 2006 Issue – Page 30

Shocking Training Torture From Canada – Pain Penalty
“Today, the LE training community has come to a mutual understanding that replica firearms, shooting non-lethal projectiles like Simunitions and Airsoft, are a critical part of modern training programs. These replica-training tools enable us to better deal with deadly force situations. The replicas are vital tools because they offer that “anxiety factor.” We’ve all watched DT guys do gee whiz, super-cool knife takeaways. That’s great, but I wouldn’t try it with a real knife. Would you? What Shocknife gives you is an immediate reminder that you did it wrong. If you screw up and get “cut”, there really is no hiding it. You’re going to react, physically and probably verbally, too.”

Paul Markel
Mr. Markel is a well-known law enforcement writer, and a police officer in Millersburg, OH. He is a leading use-of-force trainer in the mid-west, and has provided VIP protection to clients in the United States and abroad. He is also an Advisory Board member of the US Police Officers Safety Association.

Shocknife Inc. Is proud to support

Check out the Xtreme CERT Special Operations Conference and Expo.

We are proud to announce that

Shocknife Inc.

was finalist in the Law Enforcement Product News/Law Enforcement Technology News Innovation Awards in the Training Product Category.

Combat Handguns – December 2006 Issue – Page 86-92

Get Scary Real! Force-on-force turns up the stress for more realistic training!
“Prior to the Shocknife the role-player with a blade only had a dummy knife. The bad guy with a rubber knife was really no threat. You had to mentally convince yourself that he was a threat. Now the student really needs to do it right or he is going to get an electric “bite”. Now we have the blood moving and adrenaline pumping. Such force-on-force training quickly exposes problems with certain old techniques. . . The new Shocknife add realism and practical value to our training sessions, the kind of value that might just help save your life one day.”

Paul Markel
Mr. Markel is a well-known law enforcement writer, and a police officer in Millersburg, OH. He is a leading use-of-force trainer in the mid-west, and has provided VIP protection to clients in the United States and abroad. He is also an Advisory Board member of the US Police Officers Safety Association. – Operations & Tactics - July 28, 2006

Shocknife Training – Bringing Knife Defense Up to Speed
“Approximately seven months ago, a new product, the Shocknife, was introduced into the law enforcement market. The result of this excellent training device is that the student receives immediate feedback on the technique performed. The trainee will feel as if he or she has actually been cut. Moreover, the sensation lingers for several minutes. The body is fooled into thinking that it has been cut and sends a pain stimulus to the brain. Having used the Shocknife myself, I can vouch for the immediate feeling of having been slashed.

I spoke with FBI Special Agent Ray Flannagan about the Shocknife. Ray teaches DTs at the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA. He told me that they are in the process of evaluating the Shocknife, and he feels that it is an excellent tool, especially for specialized units and scenario-based training. "The Shocknife elicits fear in the trainee just like a real knife would," Flanagan said. He added, "Having a pain response adds the element of realism that gives value to our training." Flannagan's colleague, Special Agent Butch Greathouse, echoed the same sentiments and said that he is a huge proponent of anything that adds realism to training, "That's what ultimately keeps our people alive," he said.

Now that the Shocknife has been invented, my sense is that there will be fewer officers injured and killed from edged weapon attacks. Shocking knife training--the future of edged weapon training!”

John Wills
Spent 2 years in the U.S. Army before serving 12 years with the Chicago Police Department (CPD). He left the CPD to become an FBI Special Agent, working organized crime, violent crime, and drugs. John served as the Principal Firearms Instructor, Training Coordinator, and sniper team leader in the Detroit Division for 10 years. Before retiring from the FBI, he spent 7 years teaching at the FBI Academy at Quantico, Virginia. He has taught Street Survival domestically and internationally, as well as supervised new agent training at the Academy.


The 2 - 3 hour e-learning course will cover the following topics:

Introduction to Shocknife
Nomenclature of Shocknife
Mandatory Safety Equipment
Understanding Electricity
Safe Static Skills Training

Safe Stimulus Response Training
Safe Dynamic Training
Stress Inoculation Training
Stress Exposure Training

For more information and introductory pricing, see our order page.


• Designed to carry/conceal the Shocknife on the side or back
• Velcro strap to secure the knife in place (can also be folded back for “quick draw” capability
• Heavy duty Nylon to avoid accidental shocking

For more information and pricing, see our order page.

We are proud to announce that

Shocknife Inc.

has been nominated for the prestigious
2006 - Manning Innovation Award

Video Tip of the Week - April 2006

“Realistic Edged Weapon Training.”
- CLICK the image to the right to watch the video. (3 Mb Download)

- Ken Murray (author of Law Officer Reality Based Training Column)

CERT News 2006 – Spring Issue Page 17

Using this Tool Will Enhance Your C.O. Survival Rate
“If you’re really serious about taking training to the next level and having students REALLY listen to you, the Shocknife is a must have for your CERT Unit. . .. . . Although not cheap, this device will pay itself off after your first initial training session.”

Team Leader Joseph Garcia
Joseph Garcia is a Senior Team Leader with US C-SOG, the nation's largest full service CERT government contractor. Team Leader Garcia is the most published author in the area of CERT Operations in the world.

Martial Arts Experts – Summer/Fall 2006 – Page 18-20

Knife Training that will Shock You!
“The threat of pain is an integral part of any realistic survival training program. This is because a real world attack creates dramatic changes to the physiological and psychological functioning of humans in an effort to avoid pain, injury, or death. If an individual has not prepared by replicating these changes in training, the results can be catastrophic during a real attack. This has changed with the introduction of the Shocknife SK-2, the first edged weapon training device in the world that realistically replicates being cut with a knife.”

SWAT Magazine - July 2006 Issue

“After two hours with the knife, this is by far one of the coolest training tools I have ever looked at. As soon as the Shocknife was activated, students displayed a noticeable stress reaction. Their hearts started racing and breathing rates increased. All participants told me that they felt an adrenalin rush. I noticed that motor skills deteriorated as participants began to defend against the Shocknife. I highly recommend getting the Shocknife for your training toolbox. I believe it constitutes one of the most important tools that you can add to make your practice more realistic and effective. The entire group praised this as one of the best defensive tactics classes that they had ever taken."

- Sgt. Paul Britt
- DT Instructor, Rockwall Police Department, Rockwall, Texas

Tactical Knife Magazine - September 2006, Pages 54-57

When Mistakes Hurt!

“Until the Shocknife™, there has been no pain-inducing but non-injurious technology for training to defend against knife attacks. For the first time we now have a true pain-but-not-injury inducing knife training device. It is of very, very high construction quality. I firmly believe that the Shocknife is the best thing to ever happen to knife defense training. As far as knife defense training goes, the Shocknife has set a new standard for realistic training!”

- Ralph Mroz
- Co-founder and Training Director, Police Officers Safety Association

Mr. Mroz is a police officer in Western Massachusetts, currently assigned to his county’s counter drug/gang task force. He is an internationally recognized authority on defensive tactics, firearms training, and training methods.

Law Officer Magazine - January/February 2006 Issue p. 72 – 76

Put a Charge Into Training – A Pain Penalty Helps Students Learn

“I’ve worked in the reality based training (RBT) business for 20 years, and I’d have to say this is one of the more innovative technologies to come along in quite a while. . . and in my estimation the Shocknife is a must have for those with an active RBT program.”

- Ken Murray (author of Law Officer Reality Based Training Column)

Tactical Response Magazine - November/December 2005
Purchase on line at

"I put the Shocknife® through its paces and found that it performed as designed and intended. Law enforcement, military and corrections trainers will benefit from this advancement in edged weapon training. The pain of a “cut” will soon pass but the lessons of the Shocknife® will last…and that is the shocking truth in training we are all after."

- Kevin R. Davis is a full-time law enforcement officer assigned to the training bureau. A 23 year veteran of law enforcement, he was a Team leader and lead instructor of his agency’s S.W.A.T. Team. He was a personal student of the late Master Mike Inay in the Filipino art of Inayan Eskrima.

Some Shocknife Press Clippings (click to download Hi-Rez versions):

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Shocknife Brochure

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The Discovery Channel's September 28th edition of the Daily Planet ran a news segment about Shocknife. The video segment can be viewed under the story title "That's Gotta Hurt" on this page.

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